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3rd Annual GhostBreakers & Branalea Farms Paranormal

Posted by PCGH5 on June 22, 2013 at 12:55 AM

Saturday JULY 20, 2013!!! 11am to 5pm. This is the 3rd Annual GhostBreakers & Branalea Farms Paranormal Gathering! Pass it on...

Please message the property owner for vendor space at





Saturday JULY 20, 2013! 11am to 5pm. This IS NOT a convention nor formal event. No venues or schedules to keep. NO MONEY to be collected or spent on anything unless you choose to.


The idea is that a lot of people will use this weekend to gather in Gettysburg and have a good time seeing the sites and enjoying what Gettysburg has to offer while getting together and networking with others who are interested in the paranormal.

Although the Meet & Greet is one day, we encourage people to plan for the whole weekend. There is so much to do here.


This is intended to be a gathering of people involved in or interested in the Paranormal Field to network with others in the field and enjoy Gettysburg for what it has to offer. The intent is also to bring people interested in the paranormal closer together in an informal friendly atmosphere.


Basically it is nothing more than getting as many people interested in the paranormal as possible to come to Gettysburg on the same weekend. The only things to pay for are food and lodging if you will be there the whole weekend.


We understand that many pay high prices for conventions etc and would like to just see people come to enjoy Gettysburg for what it has to offer with like minded people without the high prices of a convention and all the extras that come with it. Don't misunderstand. We ARE NOT anti-convention but understand that convention tickets can get expensive and everything else is extra.


So to be clear, this is not an anti convention gathering but simply and hopefully a friendly gathering of people that are interested in the paranormal. To meet others that you only see on the internet and maybe help build more friendships in the field.


It is a historic farm with the main part of the house being from the early 1800's. The house is OFF LIMITS but the property is the main focus anyway. That is where the retreating Confederate soldiers were treated. Some dying and supposedly buried on the property. A lot of history about this property. So bring your cameras and recording equipment for the meet & greet. Time for the Gathering at the farm to be posted soon.


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