Perry County Ghost Hunters

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Harry Corsnitz:  Founder of the group and brought it from a group of 5 curious individuals to a group size of 8 individuals with there own unique stories.  My background is I have been interested in the paranormal for 10 years and have gone on numerous investigations with different paranormal groups from around the area.  I have done Private investigations at personal residences along as doing investigations in public places. I started out doing this with no equipment just personal experiences in the field but nothing to document with during those times.  I now have a digital camera and a digital voice recorder that I have used the last 4 years and have never let me down and they are very cost effective.  I do plan on upgrading the equipment to provide better investigation and with our group that will come very soon.

George Patno: Co-Founder of the group. 


 I have been a behavioral therapist for over 5 years. I have been having paranormal experiences since i was 10 years old. I have been interested in paranormal investigation to find the truth of what really happens.

John Hockenberry: Case Manager


I am a full-time Emergency Medical Technician by day and the Case Manager for Perry County Ghost Hunters at night.  I am really interested in the supernatural and hauntings!  I have had supernatural experiences in the past.  I personally have seen shadow figures and feeling a cold breezes blow by me in the past.  I say that I enjoy doing investigations and intrigued by the paranormal since my grandparents have passed away.  I feel like thier spirits are always with me and they protect me.

Steve Gallagher: Investigator/ Graphics
Alex Robinson: Investigator/ Research

David Furman: Investigator/ Historian


15 years as a photographer and interested in being an investigator because I am a history buff and want to know more about it, and what I could possibly learn from doing the investigations.

Jessica Grindle: Investigator/Secretary