Perry County Ghost Hunters

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Sachs Bridge - Gettysburg, PA

The covered bridge is one of Pennsylvania's historic covered bridges which was used by both Union and Confederate troops during the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg
in 1863. It was originally built in 1852 by David S. Stoner. Part of the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia began it's retreat to Virginia by crossing this bridge after the Battle of Gettysburg in July 1863.  The bridge extends 100 feet across Marsh Creek and it is said that hundreds of confederate wounded soldiers died along the banks of the creek after the great battle. Many people believe the bridge and area to be quite haunted.  Full bodied apparitions, disembodied voices, cold spots and people being touched have been reported on more than one occassion from Sachs Bridge. One ghost story told about the bridge's haunted past includes three Confederate soldiers who deserted their unit, and were caught.  It's believed that these three men were hung on this bridge as their punishment.




Pioneer Cemetery- Perry County, PA

The Pioneer Cemetery is an overgrown and forgotten graveyard that was once located in the small community of Pandemonium. The residents of this forgotten village were mostly farmers residing in a valley along the Pennsylvania frontier which was home to a very successful tannery until they were all wiped out by what some say was an epidemic of small pox. The area is now a ghost town with nothing left to tell its tale but the meager foundation of the tannery, a few badly weathered tombstones, and the occasional appearance of a little girl named Sadie who wanders the woods in search of her mother. Inexplicable sounds are often heard by visitors and the capturing of electronic voice phenomenon is not at all uncommon.